Material Information


We – Frando has seized some shops and websites are selling counterfeit products in various countries, we have appoint our attorney to file a lawsuit.

The following statements are to maintain Consumer Rights and ensure Qualified authorized distributors:

Caliper and Master Cylinder series products all come with warranty cards.

Before purchasing make sure it is Frando’s qualified authorized distributor/shop.

Warranty and Repair service will not be provided If the name on warranty card is not Frando’s qualified authorized distributors or the product is parallel imported/ counterfeit.

Shop name and installation date MUST fill in warranty card by the authorized shop staff.

Warranty card & Card number, Counterfeit Statement, Authorization letter must be shown by Frando’s online distributors, and fill in distributor’s name and sales date is a must.


Any unauthorized manufacture, sell, purchase counterfeit goods, counterfeit or embezzle authorization letter, Frando will put forth in legal actions and pursue the relevant duty.